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Lyra 4+ (invite only)

$128Purchase required to enroll

Lyra/Sling Level 3 (Intermediate):

This level is for students who can invert onto the apparatus, and pull over into a front balance without jumping, swinging, or tagging. Students should be able to hold a front balance without using their hands, and invert to the top bar, or from the belly of the sling without feet. Level 3 classes are for learning more complex rolls, beginning dynamic movement such as beats from hanging, and more complex sequencing, drops, and strength skills.

Lyra/Sling Level 4 (Intermediate/Advanced):

This level is for students who are comfortable in the air and performing short sequences easily. Students should be comfortable with beats, a variety of rolls and drops, single knee hangs, and back balances. Level 4 is for creating original choreography, learning more skills that require greater technique, strength, and flexibility, and working towards a solid understanding of aerial theory.