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Workshops are specialized events that we run covering a specific topic in an intensive-style class, often with a visiting instructor.

Handstands for Everyone! $50Purchase required to enroll

For anyone who's ever wanted that perfect handstand but isn't sure where to start, this is the workshop for you. We'll go over techniques for achieving a straight handstand line and for getting into your handstand. Students with previous experience, or an existing handstand practice will be taught to their level.

Everyone will leave with exercises they can do on their own to work toward their handstand.

Minimum requirement: comfort being in a 10-second handstand, either against a wall or with a spot.

Flexibility and Contortion: Splits and Backbends $50Purchase required to enroll

This workshop is for anyone who wants to improve their flexilbility no matter what your current flexibility level is.

We'll learn techniques and stretches to work safely toward your split or oversplit goals and learn stretches and techniques to improve flexibility safely in all sections of the back and shoulders. Everyone will leave with techniques they can use on their own to work on their flexibility.

Minimum requirement: Comfort being in a stretch for up to a minute and comfort being in a bridge for 20 seconds.