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Workshops are specialized events that we run covering a specific topic in an intensive-style class, often with a visiting instructor.

Roll Reversal: Back Dives and Beyond! $52Purchase required to enroll

It’s a retrograde revolution! This workshop is devoted to all manner of backwards rotating dives, drops and relevant choreographic sequences. Get ready to challenge your vertical brain as we reverse our rolls, wraps and our way of thinking about them!


Comfortable with hip keys, standard (opposite side wrap / forward rotating) dive & single star drop; ability to invert with comfort and confidence in the air

Collaborative Creation + Partner Acrobatics $45Purchase required to enroll

Members of Big Teeth Performance Collective will be facilitating a unique workshop focusing on the intersection of partner acrobatics and experiments in physical theater, for the purposes of building ensemble performance. Students may expect warm up, improvisation, partnering, theater exercises, and the creation of short choreographies.