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Lyra 1/2

$128Purchase required to enroll

This is an All-Levels Class.

Learn the basics of the popular and beautiful apparatus aerial hoop, also known as lyra and cerceaux in our classes for levels introductory through advanced!

Students will learn graceful poses and transitions, will work on building strength, and will learn to add spin to the hoop as well as learning sequences and how to create choreography of their own.

Lyra/Sling Level 1 (Introductory):

This level is for students who are brand new to aerials, or who are still working on getting comfortable with aerial equipment. Students in this level may not yet be able to invert on the apparatus without significant help from the instructor. 100 Level classes are for gaining familiarity and comfort with aerial equipment, and learning how your body works in space.

Lyra/Sling Level 2 (Beginner):

This level is for students who are able to invert onto the apparatus, or pull over into front balance without instructor assistance. Students in this level have either completed level 1 at ATA, or have had basic instruction elsewhere, and have the basic body strength necessary for aerial arts. Level 2 classes are for learning more complex sequences and poses, learning basic momentum skills and top of the bar movements, or basic drops on sling, and building strength and technique for sustained work off the ground.

Lyra/Sling Level 3 (Intermediate):

This level is for students who can invert onto the apparatus, and pull over into a front balance without jumping, swinging, or tagging. Students should be able to hold a front balance without using their hands, and invert to the top bar, or from the belly of the sling without feet. Level 3 classes are for learning more complex rolls, beginning dynamic movement such as beats from hanging, and more complex sequencing, drops, and strength skills.

Lyra/Sling Level 4 (Intermediate/Advanced):

This level is for students who are comfortable in the air and performing short sequences easily. Students should be comfortable with beats, a variety of rolls and drops, single knee hangs, and back balances. Level 4 is for creating original choreography, learning more skills that require greater technique, strength, and flexibility, and working towards a solid understanding of aerial theory.