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Chinese Pole (instructor permission req.)

$128Purchase required to enroll
COVID-19 Protocols:
Class is limited to four students. Students are to be advised that they will use a pole shared by one other person, and sign up by students in pods is recommended if possible. Masks must be worn at all times during pole class.

New Students MUST take a private lesson before gaining permission to enroll in class.


In this class we'll work on the fundamentals of Chinese Pole--a variety of climbs, sits, and poses, introducing more dynamic and strength based skills as students are ready.

Class will end with learning how to use the pole for strengthening and conditioning. Chinese Pole is a challenging, but extremely rewarding apparatus!

Students will want to wear clothes that will cover their armpits and midriff. Please bring soft soled athletic shoes such as feiyue martial arts shoes or adidas wrestling shoes.

Pre-requisites: Students must be able to complete 3 pull ups without assistance and invert on another apparatus (silks, trapeze, lyra) in the air with straight legs. If these two requirements are not met students must have permission from the instructor before enrolling in this class. Prior aerial or acrobatic experience will be extremely helpful. Because this is a mixed level class, if a student does not have previous Chinese pole experience they must take a private lesson before the first class. Students must bring the necessary shoes and clothing to any, all, and every class and private lesson.