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Intro to Flares and Spins

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This workshop is for anyone looking for a technical introduction to spinning, a way to harness momentum efficiently, or anyone hoping to learn how to spin without tossing your cookies. We’ll focus primarily on flares, which are the basis for most technical spinning modalities and commonly seen in lyra, straps, and rope.

We’ll begin by deconstructing flares and discussing techniques to mitigate nausea when training spins, then get into flares, and end with some creative spin time, if students so choose.

Pre-Requisites: Students should be able to invert from the ground with no jumping.


- Class will be easiest on lyra, straps, or sling, and can be provided

- You may wish to bring some candied ginger, ginger tea, or ginger chews if you get nauseous easily

No upcoming schedule