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Straps Pop Up (all levels)

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Join Stacey for a post-holiday straps party! This class is appropriate for all levels of current straps aficionados, those wanting to give the apparatus a try, or anyone who wants an hour of aerial ass-kicking after a lazy winter break.

We’ll focus on level-appropriate conditioning for all students in inversions, skin the cats, meathooks, planche and lever training, and support hold. If there’s enough time, we’ll dive into the goodie box for one or two tricks!

Pre-Requisites: Students do not need prior straps experience but they must be injury free, able to do five pushups with good form, invert in the air easily, do a clean pull up and lower down, and hold a solid front balance on a lyra or sling.

Please Bring: Students should bring a long-sleeved shirt and/or some sort of wrist protection.

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